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Dominos Pizza

I may be an extremely stubborn person, but I don’t often have a problem having admitting when I’m wrong.

I had seen the commercials for the “New and Improved” version of Domino’s Pizza ever since they first came out but I remained unmoved. I wasn’t calling them liars but, I remained a serious skeptic. Growing up, Dominos was greasy spongy cardboard. I hated it. I liked pizza but I couldn’t understand everyone’s great big fuss over it. I remember at my middle school, some five hundred odd students all rushing the lunch lines at exactly the same time just to buy the luke warm “deep dish” Domino’s pizza. Bleh. Granted, I took that partial as cafeteria food but even when my best friends family would order it for dinner, my heart was just some how not in it. 

Pizza may have never charted anywhere near my top favorite food groups as a kid (I know, strange), my loyalty rarely strayed far from Pizza Hut. When I was in elementary school, pizza meant a bunch of kids after school pooling our cash together for two or three large pizzas from Pizza Hut. Or the type of food ordered at sleepovers. When I entered high school, I had a brief affair with Bellagios and Papa Murphy’s. For the first time, pizza didn’t have to mean coated in grease to taste delicious. It tasted… fresh. I could actually taste the ingredients instead of fat mixed with cheese. A concept that was foreign to me as my clothes were to making it off the floor and into the hamper. But then Pizza Hut swooped in again and won me back with their melted cheese filled stuffed crust.

So when Chris insisted I try Domino’s new pizza I was more than skeptical. I wanted to be proven wrong but I just wasn’t trustful of Dominos. But I did trust Chris’s judgement so I grudgingly went along. Which made me realize, while I’ve always prided myself to being open to change, I was so stubborn on food I insisted I knew I didn’t like that it takes the benefit of the doubt from someone I personally knew for me to actually be “open to change.”  I put my big girl boots on and prepared myself to eat a humble slice of pizza pie.

Instantly, I was impressed with Domino’s very interactive website. While a good website doesn’t always guarantee good results, and vice versa, I was thoroughly entertained with doing nothing more than selecting pizza toppings and watching them appear on my virtual pizza. And after I was done placing my order, I could not only watch who was making my pizza, the status of where my order was but select different themes to have it play to. My favourite is the baseball theme. If nothing else, Domino’s had definitely stepped up their marketing game. Chris and I watched our order be taken by a guy named Jorge and we cheered Jorge on every step of the way. I had never had so much fun placing an order. Usually when we order pizza, the order is just placed and thirty minutes later a group of people are grumbling, “What is taking sooo long!”

When the pizza arrived I excitedly raced over to grab a slice and am happy to say it was above my expectations. I am by no means a food connoisseur or a “foodie” so I can’t really sit here and gracefully or accurately depict my food for you. But everything from the sauce to the crust had been redesigned. I am not proclaiming Domino’s reinvented the wheel, but they definitely threw the gauntlet down to the major pizza chains out there to step up their game. Et tu Pizza Hut? And while pizza has yet to still make it into my top list food groups, I can definitely say as long as Domino’s can keep up their game, I will definitely be a returning customer.


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