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While diamonds are still a girl’s best friend, for the twenty-first century woman, Spanx are a close second. For those of you unfamiliar with what Spanx actually are, they are made out of the same material as panty hose (I know who would have figured) in undergarment form intended to give the wearer a more slender appearance. I’ll just say it, I love Spanx.

The great thing about Spanx is actually not that they’re just for fat women. They can help hide any imperfection on any type of body. Some will hide your cellulite or give you a booty boost. For me, my kryptonite is my belly, and therefore am always looking for Spanx to hide the muffin top. And believe me, while I am proud of the weight loss I’ve achieved so far (nearly twenty pounds!), I wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without my Spanx. Maybe because my stomach is right out there in front of me, that it bothers me more than any other body part on me like say my butt or cellulite.

My stomach often makes me feel like Santa, with a very overflowing bowl of jelly. Or sometimes I feel like I could grab a sharpie magic marker, draw a face on my belly and make it talk. Don’t get me wrong, I actually have come a long way to loving my body for what it is. I’ve come along way to liking what I see in the mirror despite the flaws. I used to be unjustly harsh on my body for every flaw, every dimple, every zit, every crinkle and every wobbly bit upon my body. Chris would litterally have to pinch me and teasingly say, “pick” everytime I started to nag.

I can’t tell you what changed, or why I like what I see in the mirror more than I did then but I know Spanx was apart of it. Like training wheels on a bike, I hope to someday take them off and ride free, feeling sexy in my big girl pants, so to speak. But I know I will never completely never not have spanx in my wardrobe, even if they are tucked away in a dressor drawer on call. They have the right enough va-va-voom to make me turn around in the mirror and go, heeeyyy! lol ^_^

So whatever anyone’s opinions are about Spanx, good or bad, they are simply this. Spanx are an illusion. An illusion to make you feel better about yourself,  but an illusion none the less. They might beable to make you feel better about yourself but the magic that’s created is all about you. So I will wear my big girl undies with pride, as I constantly remind reassure myself that I am enough too.


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