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Words to live by #5

My Best Feature by Sara Nachtman

I asked my friend this afternoon,
As I gazed into my refection,
What she thought of what I saw.
She said, “Images are usually misconceptions.”

I started to put down my appearance,
Wishing I was thinner, or taller.
She looked at me with understanding eyes,
Saying, “Superficial wishes only make you smaller.”

I knew she was right, but who was she to talk,
For she was every guy’s dream.
I tried to point this out to her,
She replied, “Apperances aren’t always as they seem.”

“Tell me five things you admire in yourself,” she said.
And I knew my troubles had just begun,
For I could see the hurt in her expression,
When I couldn’t even think of one.

I could not think of a single feature I liked,
And I could feel my stomach slowly start to sink
So I turned to my friend and simple said,
“Well, what do you think?”

“I think you’re looking at it all wrong,” she said.
“And I wish I could make it clearer.
It’s what inside of you that makes you beautiful,
And not what can be seen in a mirror.”

She said, “You’re the most loving person I know,
And I hate to wash you fall apart.
If you want to know what makes you beautiful to me,
Your best feature is your heart.”


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