Secrets From A Fat.. SO?!

Fat Music

When I ask myself, who am I? I can usually tell you the basics but beyond that I don’t have a clue how to begin to verbalize who I am. I can feel who I am, I just can’t express it. A lot of times when I’m listening to music, I’ll stop and pause,wow that really describes me~! So, in order to try to help define myself, fat so and all, I’m coming up with a playlist.

Because of theme of this page is music, this page may be slow to load for some browsers and for that I am sorry. I will change-up the playlist from time to time, either adding or removing as I grow and change.

In no particular order…

Mouthwash by Kate Nash– A song that pin points all her flaws but brings it around saying hey… I do normal things too! Like use mouthwash and have a family.

Video by India Arie– A video not afraid to say, here’s who I am… so what? I know I’m not like everyone else and I know my self worth.

Extraordinary by Liz PhairI am extraordinary, if you’d ever get to know me. I am extraordinary. I am just your average everyday sane psycho. Super goddess. I feel like this is the anthem I want to jump up and shout. Sometimes I feel like I want to make people not only notice me, but make them believe that I am extraordinary.

In My World by Avril Lavigne – Just how I feel about living in my own little world sometimes. I write very deeply but don’t often speak what you see written.

Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars – What needs to be said here? About liking yourself just the way you are.

Size Matters by Natasha Bedingfield – A very corny but true song. How I try to live life and who I want in my life.


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